Nude Nature

THEME: Pics of naked or semi-clad women in the nature. In general pics are more on the arty side since basic idea is to celebrate the beauty of female form in natural environment. I usually post 1-4 pics a day depending on for example the length of my queue.
(I'm also a bit lazy poster & also try to keep my archive "light" in case someone wants to browse it through).

And finally, this is still a 18+ site so if you are younger, please do not continue.

20/03/13 - Added a tag page so if you like my posts you may wanna check it out.

Nude City
Bella Figura
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    When in nature, do as nature does. Turtles care not if you are clad or nude, so why not experience clothes-free as you...
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    I just love nude women under water
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